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Since launching in 1977, PNOinsurance has consistently delivered exemplary service, earning it a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected and dynamic insurance brokers.

PNO employs over 50 staff working across more than 80 insurers, giving PNO the reach to find the most suitable insurance partner for each unique client, regardless of the complexity of needs.

The collective business experience of the PNO team, combined with leading technical industry knowledge across construction, transport, professional services and commercial sectors, enables PNO to source and secure the right insurance solutions for all businesses. Our clients range from transport and construction companies to manufacturers, consultants, financial services firms, exporters and franchisors.

PNO secures the right insurance solution at the right premium for businesses across Australia. PNO promises protection to business assets, which in turn creates peace of mind.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.  They drive our decision making processes and are central to the way we conduct our business.


We are trustworthy and fair people who treat others with respect and dignity. We think before we act. We review the impact of policies with great consideration and ensure it is the right course of action on every occasion.


The quality of advice, responsiveness and attention to detail is paramount at PNO.


Knowledge is power and collective business experience combined with technical industry expertise makes for an unbeatable team.

Service excellence

We aim to consistently deliver above and beyond client expectations. We are responsive and deliver in a timely manner to enable clients to make important and considered decisions.


We understand the broader commercial picture. It’s vital we understand our client’s goals and risks, and then advise what is appropriate with the big picture in mind.

Enjoyment in what we do

We enjoy the longstanding relationships we build with our clients and insurers.
We enjoy learning about our clients’ businesses.
We are passionate about delivering good advice and being there for them when “it” happens.
We enjoy working as a great team.