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The PNOinsurance team understands the complexities of the construction industry.  PNO’s clients include residential & commercial builders, civil contractors, crane operators, building suppliers, concrete panel manufacturers, drilling contractors and all key stakeholders in the industry.

The landscape of the construction and plant industry is constantly evolving along with its associated risks and potential litigation. PNO works closely with clients and insurers to tailor and secure the right solution at the right premium for each unique business.

PNO fully understands risk identification, assessment and risk transfer. Whether the business is in civil works, major constructions, demolition or mobile plant, PNO can support businesses at every step.

PNO can assist construction businesses with any of the following insurance solutions:

  • Contract works
  • Mobile cranes & plant
  • Liability
  • Home warranty
  • Insurance bonds
  • Management liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Motor insurance